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The inception of Eden Data was quite simple: our founder, Taylor Hersom, wanted to create a better way to help organizations build a robust cybersecurity program in order to protect the data they collect. 'Better than what?' you may ask. Each of Eden Data's professionals came from various consulting enterprises and gained direct exposure to how these firms operated as they served their clients. The problem is that whether you hire the prestigious Big 4 or a boutique consulting firm down the road, they all operate in the exact same way: their revenue models are built completely around hourly rates, meaning that they are systematically incentivized to work a large amount of hours at a high rate. What's more, there isn't a lot of room for innovation and automation when these aspects would inherently decrease the amount of hours a project takes. 

As such, Eden Data was built on disruption: disruption of the century old professional services model. We chose instead to partner with various organizations who have completely dominated in their respective industries by creating forward-thinking SaaS tools related to cybersecurity and data protection. We then worked together to enhance the value we bring to organizations by coupling our services and creating holistic solutions that address the classic adage 'People, Processes, Technology'. 

Eden Data's long-term vision is to create a future where companies can bring fantastic ideas to fruition using the internet while effortlessly maintaining appropriate data security and privacy. Eden Data focuses on the next generation of businesses that are ready to build security and privacy into their DNA, from their culture to their technologies to their entire operating processes. We are working to make information security (and inherently compliance) a core pillar of every organization we have the pleasure of working with. When we can help companies focus on their business instead of compliance, we are directly assisting those organizations to scale faster and make bigger impacts. 

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