Our Team Is Your (Virtual) CISO

The most recent statistics show that the average CISO salary in the USA is $204 000 (forbes.com). Unfortunately, that doesn't even account for all the additional costs that come with hiring such a sought after candidate, such as commissions to the recruiter, bonuses, and the high likelihood of turnover (the average term of a CISO is a measly 18 months).  Imagine going through all the effort of paying one person an exorbitant amount of money and then needing to go through it again every few years? 

At Eden Data, we decided to create the virtual CISO, but in our own image: we strove to build a team of professionals that came from the consulting world, meaning they had exposure to a wide variety of clients and a wide spectrum of IT environments. We wanted skillsets and perspectives that could only be created from exposure to dozens of clients rather than the traditional CISO's who only see one organization's environment at a time. 

What's more, we couple our vCISO's with disruptive technologies to streamline our workflow and deliver more value for a fraction of the cost of a traditional CISO. 

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